Tropiclean - Fresh Breath Oral Care Foam For Pets [Volume: 4 oz]

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Regular use of Fresh Mint Foam keeps teeth and gums clean. Its natural formula helps freshen breath. For best results, your pet should receive daily oral care to promote periodontal health and overall wellness. Use Tropiclean Fresh Breath for fresh breath everyday!

- 93% of users noticed cleaner teeth in less than two weeks!
- 86% of users noticed better breath in less than one week!

At Tropiclean, they strive to provide customers with the best quality products. They have recently re-designed Tropiclean bottles to be "solutions" based. This means the label is easy to read and calls out the "solution" for each pet's needs. This makes it much easier for you to select a product perfectly meant for your pet.

Tropiclean products are soap and detergent free. This means that any spot on flea and/or tick treatment will not be effected by these products. Most products are good for both dogs and cats