Whimzees Alligator Dental Dog Treats - Value Bag

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Whimzees Alligator Dental Dog Treat lets your dog indulge in long-lasting yummy chews, all while fighting his battle against plaque & tartar!

Made with natural ingredients that also are gluten & grain free, Whimzees Alligator Dental Dog Treat is an ideal choice for dogs with multiple food allergies.

Whimzees Alligator Dental Dog Treat’s unique shape allows them to get in between your dog’s teeth, reaching hard-to-reach areas & freeing them of plaque & tartar!

Naturally high in fibre, Whimzees Alligator Dental Dog Treat can also help to boost your dog’s digestive system.

Whimzees Alligator Dental Dog Treat is free from artificial flavours, colours, preservatives and GMO, making it an ideal chew for dogs with sensitive stomachs!

Each Whimzees Alligator Dental Dog Treat will contain one of the following coloured Alligator (surprise!) with varying health benefits for your dog:

  • White (calcium carbonate): helps to maintain strong & healthy teeth, preventing future teeth decay.
  • Orange (paprika): contains abundance of antioxidants, as well as vitamin A and E.
  • Green (alfalfa extract): contains beta-carotene, vitamin K, C and six Bs.
  • Brown (malt extract): provides your dog with vitamin B-12, magnesium, calcium & protein.

Whimzees Alligator Dental Dog Treat are designed to get your dog chewing with a unique alligator shape, it’s scaly exterior will get your best friend gnawing for hours!

Potato starch, glycerin, powdered cellulose, lecithin, yeast, malt extract, lupine, annatto extract colour, alfalfa extract.

Nutritional Analysis
Crude Protein: (min) 1.1%.
Crude Fat: (min) 2.3%.
Crude Fat: (max) 4.0%.
Crude Fiber: (max) 13.7%.
Moisture: (max) 12.0%.

Suitable For
Dogs of all breeds. 

Comes in S (24pc), M(12pc) and L (6pc) sizes

Meatless, limited ingredient dental chews

Please Note
Please note that you should always supervise your dog during chewing sessions.

Make sure to always keep fresh drinking water available.