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WOOF Freeze Dried Raw Wild Goat Dog 50g

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WOOF Wild Goat Freeze Dried Dog Bites Treats contains over 85% meat, organs & bones and has been put through a gentle freeze drying process.

This helps to lock-in all of the natural enzymes and nutrients in WOOF Wild Goat Freeze Dried Dog Bites Treats, nutritionally benefitting your dog as much as possible.

Made in New Zealand with natural ingredients and some superfoods native to New Zealand, WOOF Wild Goat Freeze Dried Dog Bites Treats is free of gluten, grains, corn, soy and wheat.

Unlike the other WOOF Freeze Dried Dog Treats, WOOF Wild Goat Freeze Dried Dog Bites Treats is the only single-ingredient variant.

Wild Goat.

Suitable For
Dogs of all ages.

Feeding Instructions
As a treat: Serve WOOF bites as is to train or reward your dog.

For food when travelling: Serve WOOF bites as is or for a meatier texture rehydrate by adding water. To rehydrate, add 1/4 cup of water for every 1/4 cup of WOOF.

*This product is intended for intermittent or supplement feeding. Make sure fresh water is available at all times. Wash your hands thoroughly after handling any pet food or treat.

Country Of Origin
Made In New Zealand.

Product Weight
50g (1.76oz)

Precautionary Statements
Not for human consumption.