Andis - Premium Pet Deshedding Tool

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Tips from the Pros: Using the Andis Deshedding Tool

Did you know that it’s best to hold the skin taught and use long strokes with a deshedding tool? Short strokes can break and damage your pet’s coat. This tool has special curved teeth that won’t irritate skin like sharp tools, but you should still use a gentle touch on areas such as the throat, loin, ankles and behind the ears. Follow up with a slicker brush and comb for best results. It’s great for shedding breeds such as Retrievers, Bernese Mountain Dogs and most Spaniels.


Removing dead undercoat and loose hair


• Safely removes undercoat and loose hair with ease
• Reduces shedding up to 90% while maintaining a damage-free topcoat.
• Ergonomic handle for all-day salon use.
• Recommended for shedding breeds.