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CATNIP Shampoo

For the cats that enjoys bathing as much as we do!

Infused with natural catnip extract makes a perfect spa ritual for your cat!

Deep moisturization of the skin, adds shine and improve coat texture and softness, and promotes tranquility and deep relaxation.

A concentrated oatmeal and biotin shampoo,

Specially formulated for cats to help them enjoy their baths and enjoy water!

Veterinarians Recommended:

-Concentrated colloidal oatmeal (20%) combats skin irritations, promote healing, and re-moisturize sensitive, dry skin.


-Contains catnip water with sweet herbaceous aroma to stimulate senses.

-The aroma induces calmness and quiet happiness, while, in dogs the aroma helps to reduce stress and promote deep relaxation.

-Catnip is also a natural conditioner that helps moisturize the hair and improve hair texture leaving it smooth and noticeably soft.

-It also has anti-inflammatory and natural repellent quality making it perfect to keep bugs away and alleviate irritation from bug stings.

-Infused with various natural extracts, argan oil, vitamin A, E, B5, omega 3 & 6, and biotin that aims to improve the coat condition and make your cat’s coat feel soft, plush, tangle-free, and adds shine.

Product comes in 250ml.