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Where's Snow White?

WHITE MAGIC provides natural whitening benefits for dogs with sensitive skin, being an all natural coat brightening shampoo, it helps make the white coat vibrant and brighter, eliminates yellow discoloration, removes stains, and enhances the natural color of any darker colored coats.

Specially formulated with our signature colloidal oatmeal and a blend of cornflower and acai berry extracts for white colored pups with sensitive skin to bring back that brilliant white while adding moisture to the skin and coat.

Safe for puppies and seniors.


Veterinarians Recommended:

-Concentrated colloidal oatmeal (20%) combats skin irritations, promote healing, and re-moisturize sensitive, dry skin.


-Biotin properties relieve and restore moisture to dry and itchy skin. 

-Infused with Natural Cornflower and Acai Berry extracts which creates the violet color of the shampoo. 

-Infused with Marjoram which is pleasing, smooth herbal fragrance, calming, antispasmodic effects, strongly antibacterial. A well recommended replacement for tea tree oil in blends for pets. Helps in bacterial skin infections, and wound care. Naturally a repellent for insects as well.

-Lavender and Geranium infused to provide that calming bath which helps make showering easier!

-Infused with various natural extracts and vitamin A, E, B5, omega 3 & 6, and biotin that aims to improve the coat condition and make your dog’s coat feel soft, plush, and tangle free.

Product comes in 500ml.