HONEYCARE - Pet Training Pee Pad (assorted)

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Honey Care Pet Training Pee Pads are highly absorbent pet sheets made of high-performance absorbent polymer from Japan that can absorb up to 1,000cc of liquids in 3 seconds!

Consisting of 6 layers & a fully waterproof polyethylene base to help prevent leakage, Honey Care Pet Training Pee Pads can remain absorbent for long periods of time and is able to dry quickly.

Honey Care Pet Training Pee Pads’ specially designed mesh allows the absorbed liquids to remain in the pad, preventing the pad from leaking and your dog from tracking.

Infused with bacteriostatic & natural wood grains, Honey Care Pet Training Pee Pads impressively eliminates bacteria and odour, helping to keep your house free of funk!

Suitable For
Dogs of all life stages.

Product Dimensions
Small (33 x 45 cm) - 80 sheets.
Medium (45 x 60 cm) - 40 sheets.
Large (60 x 90 cm) - 20 sheets.