TEEF! - Dental Prebiotics (Dental Water Additive)

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TEEF! is…

  1. Formulated using 100% human grade ingredients
  2. Safe, natural and chemical free
  3. Vet approved
  4. Manufactured in the USA
  5. Tasteless and odorless
  6. Grain, gluten, chemical & preservative free

Dental Water Additive, Fights Plaque and Tartar – No Brushing, Add to Water Bowl and Say Goodbye to Bad Dog Breath

Many dog owners don’t know that bad breath is a cry for health. Along with tartar and plaque, it’s an indicator of dental disease which can lead to heart failure, kidney disease and even a shortened life span.

What is TEEF!

It’s an award-winning prebiotic water additive that safely and naturally targets the root cause of bad breath and dental disease, every time your dog drinks. TEEF's Protektin 42 formula contains just four human-grade ingredients: soluble fiber, amino acid, vitamin b6 and sodium bicarbonate. It's in the form of a powder water additive for consistent dosing throughout the day - the key to success. Each drink helps to evenly disperse the formula on all surfaces of the mouth, working on bacteria that exists everywhere, even below the gumline. This balances the oral microbiome for strong teeth, healthy gums and fresh breath!

How does TEEF! work

The patented human-grade prebiotic formula neutralizes harmful mouth bacteria while boosting the good microbes. Less plaque means less gum disease, which keeps bacteria out of the bloodstream and away from the heart, other organs and joints. That’s how better dental hygiene can extend your dog’s life, while preventing tooth loss, pain and bad breath, too.

How do I use TEEF! – Simply Add To Your Dog’s Water. Includes a 30 day supply for 1 dog.

Unlike brushing, TEEF! is ridiculously easy to use. For best results, use on a daily basis.